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Hire a CarePA with DCCA
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Isle of Wight

Email :

Tel: 01727807169


Monday - Friday 

9 am to 5 pm


Evenings & weekends by Appointment


Care from and for the Isle of Wight, Hampshire, West Sussex & surrounding areas.   We use extensive resources to find what you need.  You may be a family or multigenerational family with elders and minors, running a busy home, animals, pets and a garden; you may be a couple or an individual that requires live in and/or nearby support.   Services may include housekeeping, driver, domestic services to include cooking, school runs, property maintenance, home management, carers or specialised carers with experienced specialised skills to support you or your loved ones.  Whatever your combination of requirements, we will seek to find you a good match, tailor the support to your needs and, if needed with additional ongoing training facilities.  If you live on the Isle of Wight and can offer an attractive remuneration package we aim to source carer and service support needs from the community of the Isle of Wight whether its live in or outside.  The island is well known for its carer services so we aim to build on that reputation.  There are still not enough carers to go round but we will seek and encourage people on the island to fill these roles.  Service and caring it is not for everyone.  If needed, there are individuals and couples across the country willing to come to you, who will offer a wide range of live in support services to you and your family in return for an attractive remuneration package.  Nearby support services will be sought too if you do not wish for live in.  We match with your needs and offer additional care training if needed for tailor made CarePAs.  Applicants are usually experienced, dedicated and come with good references and checks.  Speak with us and tell us what you require.  Confidentiality is assured.  Use our breadth of knowledge and skills to provide the welfare you and your family need. 

Consider hiring a CompanionCarePA or combine with a CarePA, for weekly or daily visits to provide your care and companionship needs cost effectively.  Add to that a Bobby Patrol and you will have a cost effective complete Welfare Package. 

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