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Daisy Chain Care Agency with Tipi Wills & Mediation & Badrse Security

Daisy Chain Care Agency places care and support for a multigenerational family or individuals.  It works with its sister companies, Tipi Wills & Mediation and Badrse Security (Bobby Patrol) to complement each other's services.  It offers a unique package of welfare care and support services for the whole family or inidividuals.  It aims to support independent living, whether alone or with family.  Tipi Wills & Mediation offer Life Care Planning to include the essential Advance Care Plan centralising all important documents and healthcare wishes.  This led to designing a service that offered not only the legal documentation and advice surrounding planning for care, health and the future, but also the practical support.  As such, we offer a single point to plan and put your affairs in order through a trio of services based on our family's unique combination of skills.

Tipi Wills & Mediation


Living our Best Island Life

Our Mission

We aim to provide a comprehensive planning service, with the legal documentation to support that, combined with practical support.  This is a unique combination of services, based on a unique skill set, designed to provide the client with a supportive single resource not usually available anywhere else.

Solutions and problem solving need not be the very stressful experience it currently can be.  We aim to provide "the prevention as well as the cure" in this all rounded combination service.  Avoiding forseeable problems is by far easier than seeking to fix them.

Our treatment of clients is sensitive and insightful.  Extensive experience allows us to see how things are rarely black and white though sometimes the solutions to our difficulties are the simple ones.

We work in association with professional legal and accountancy services to provide you with a complete and professional service.

With thanks to our administrative and professional support services

Madelaine Horwood

Care Manager


Maddie took to caring, in a residential care home, like a duck does to water.  She has many certificates and a lot of experience.  She continues to study and learn.  She is people oriented and loved her residents.  If you ask her nicely, she may show you some of her private snapshots of some of her favourite residents she cared for.

She is invested in good practice and good management.

Patricia Horwood

Owner Director


Patricia Horwood is a Legal Consultant and Mediator.  She is founder of both Tipi Wills & Mediation and Daisy Chain Care Agency.  A chance meeting in the pub led to the whole new arm of Daisy Chain Care Agency being born enabling a complete service to be offered to the client.  Maddie liked the idea of a daisy chain representing the linking of a community and so the name was born.  Ben then suggested how an SIA patrol as a welfare check might be popular and so a whole familty business was born.

Meet the Team

"With enormous thanks to my ridiculously talented friend who created this logo.  After a chat about the plans and concept, I woke up the next day to find this in my inbox."

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