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Are you an experienced care or support worker?  Are you looking for a placement and would like to register your details with us?  We provide introductions to clients from the Isle of Wight, Hampshire and West Sussex and surrounding areas.  If you are interested in a placement with families or individuals in this area, please do email your details and CV and what you are looking for.  We will be happy to work with you to find a placement.  Thank you

Are you interested in learning to become a private care or support worker, either as a live in, or nearby full time or part time?   We can register you as a CarePA with us.  If you live on the Isle of Wight and are interested in gaining the Care Certificate to enable us provide you with a work placement, please email your details and we will contact you to discuss beginning the process.  Support and Care Services require a particular kind of service oriented person.  If you are that person, please contact us.  Once you have received your Certification through us, we will work to succeed at gaining a contract of work at great private care rates and rewards either part time or full time.  All applicants of any age and gender welcome.

Could you register as a part time or full time CompanionCarePA?  Are you a friendly, caring, kind and helpful personality?  Any age and gender is welcome.

Are you retired and looking for something to do? Limited by your own health in any way? Would you enjoy some regular company?   Are you a student with a bit of spare time?  Are you a busy professional that would simply like to give something back or supplement your income?  Consider a paid contract on a regular basis to spend a little bit of time giving companionship and support.  You could have one client for 2 hours per week, or build the position up to a full week with multiple contracts to become a full time CompanionCarePA.  If you are interested, please contact us.

Clients are registering interest with our business.  We would love a variety of CarePAs and CompanionCarePA's on our register.

There is a large range of services on offer to a client in the support industry.  This includes experience of many years from single women or men and couples, offering a variety of support for families and individuals.

Roles may include: housekeeping, meal planning, shopping and cooking fresh healthy meals, school runs, organising and assisting household management and events, care of children and/or seniors, companionship and support, house and garden, land and house maintenance, animals such as horses, hosting and events support, driver, and so on.

There are two ways these positions are usually filled : 

Live in Support

Accommodation is usually provided by the family which can range from living in the house with the family or individual to having your own flat or cottage on the premises.  Being able to offer an attractive package which includes living accommodation and remuneration in return for the services you require, will help attract care workers or support workers.

Nearby commuting

If you live on the Isle of Wight (Hampshire or West Sussex), carers and support workers will be especially placed to provide this kind of support.  The usual requirements are usually that you live within 20 or 30 minutes of the home you are supporting, which pretty much covers the whole of Isle of Wight for example. 

Carers and support workers will provide up to date DBS checks and excellent references.  If you are a care or support worker that would like to offer your services on a part time or full contract to live in or nearby commute in these areas, please contact us with your CV and an attached covering letter telling us all about your experience and/or what services you could offer. 


If you are interested in starting out in this industry as a CarePA and would be prepared to take the Care Certificate, dependent on availability, we may also be able to acquire a few placement experience days to obtain good referencing.  Speak with us so your journey with us may begin. 

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