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There are no specific qualifications required to become a carer or CarePA, nor is there a statutory requirement.  A Code of Practice is nonetheless expected.  A carer is therefore expected to undertake obtaining a Care Certificate if they are new to the industry. This is a set of standards that you must adhere to if you are to be a social care worker. These requirements are set out by Skills for Care and Health Education England.

Some care workers and support workers will have a large array of skills, experience and certification.  You will see ex nurses, social worker, special needs workers, general family support, veterinary nurses, housekeeping, meal planning, driving, home and land maintenance, horse and pet support.  There are a wide range of dedicated workers offering their services.


Some will be starting on their journey of becoming a care worker and we will put them through Care Certification and seek to provide them with work experience through our existing clients thereby providing an opportunity to gain work with good references.

It is a particular kind of person who can work in the service industry and provide dedicated care to you or your loved ones. 

Experienced and dedicated carers for seniors can provide services that range from companionship, self care and meals to special needs through surgery or illness, dementia care and end of life care. 


For support and guidance on a way forward, please consult us

The Care Certificate encompasses : 

The Care Certificate Standards

  • Standard 1: Understand Your Role

  • Standard 2: Your Personal Development

  • Standard 3: Duty of Care

  • Standard 4: Equality & Diversity

  • Standard 5: Work in a Person Centred Way

  • Standard 6: Communication

  • Standard 7: Privacy & Dignity

  • Standard 8: Fluids & Nutrition

  • Standard 9: Awareness of Mental Health, Dementia & Learning Disability

  • Standard 10: Safeguarding Adults

  • Standard 11: Safeguarding Children

  • Standard 12: Basic Life Support

  • Standard 13: Health & Safety

  • Standard 14: Handling Information

  • Standard 15: Infection Prevention & Control

In addition CarePA's, once placed will be encouraged by DCCA to do continuous learning where perhaps the client's needs are changing.  Further certificates might include, although the list available is extensive: 

Dignity in Care

Fire Certificate

First Aid

Food Hygiene

Client Mobility

Stoma Care

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