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What kind of service do you need from your CarePA?

Support for Couples

Care for you and your partner.  We  support couples being able to stay together, in their own home. A CarePA can help achieve this.  Team this up with the planning services from Tipi Wills & Mediation for comprehensive advice and support.  Understand your rights and what choices you can make.

Any age or ability can require support and company.  A person that needs care or rehabilitation, from an accident or serious illness, can be of any age so whatever your challenges or needs, call us to talk over.

Respite Care

Are you a Carer and worried about Carer Burnout?  It's a real thing and more on this can be found on our Client Resources links.  (If you are registered as a Carer you may get local authority support to help pay for carer respite).

Consider hiring regular support for a few days, once a month, day or night to give yourself a regular break.  Work out the ideal combination for you. If you care for special needs, ask us if we have a CarePA on our books or one that is willing to acquire further skills to suit you.

Day Shift CarePA

This type of carer can be someone who comes to you on a regular basis, but does not live in.  This can be possible because we are focussing on providing CarePA's from the Isle of Wight, thus enabling them to travel from home.

You can choose which section of the day you would like your CarePA to come or indeed have two carers for different times. You agree the duties before you hire. 

Night Shift CarePA

This type of carer can be someone who comes to you for certain nights of the week.  This may be to give you a regular break, or because nightly care is required.  If nightly care is required, it may be possible to hire more than one CarePA to support your loved one and give you peace of mind.  You may require a CarePA for the evening meal or bathing, help going to bed and for the carer to stay until your loved one is asleep. 

Companionship CarePA

This type of carer can be someone who comes to say hello and spend two or three hours with a person.  You choose whether they can make tea, a light meal or a sandwich, play cards or Cluedo, help you find your hobby material, read to you, etc.  The choice is yours.  You may also use this time to go to an appointment or for a trip out to a cafe. This type of carer may have one client, or a group of clients every week.  You may hire your CCPA on rolling 3, 6 or 12 month contracts to break up costs.

Note:  If you or your loved one has a specific need, such as help getting in and out of a chair or car, then it can be agreed that the Moving and Handling Certificate is done for example.  Our Care Manager will assess the requirements of both the client and the CompanionCarePA or CarePA.  She will make recommendations regarding any certification.

Our Care Manager will assess your needs.  After assessing the CarePA's on the Register, she will make recommendations if further training is needed.  Each CarePA has their own training and skill set and may have skills that are able to be offered beyond the remit of this agency.

End of Life Care

There are different requirements and needs once end of life care is needed, which are of course unique.  We will listen, and can advise how best to support you.  Once a CarePA is hired, we will suggest an informal Preparation Session.  A sensitive, experienced and strong supporting hand is what is being offered here. We will look at the decisions and choices ahead, what tasks there may be and decisions that might need to be made.  We will look at who is making the decisions and whether necessary documents are in place if capacity is lost.  We will consider personal wishes, funeral arrangements and the preparation for that. Experience shows us that preparing for what may or will happen next, rather than trying to deal with things at their most emotional or stressful is what most clients would have preferred.  We are always available for further discussions on difficult subjects.

Live In CarePA

There are carers who are prepared to live in with you or your loved one.  This can be for a large range of reasons ranging from making life more more comfortable and fun, through to help enabling your loved one to carry on with independent living through to support for end of life care.  DCCA will introduce the CarePA to you.  You will agree the duties, hours and rate.   

For your convenience, a template contract document may be supplied to aid the agreement between you and the CarePA.  Once you have completed, we would like to keep a copy for our records and use it to support our monitoring service.

Losing a Loved One

We know from first hand experience that this is not confined to the later years and that it can be sudden.  When the time comes, we will do our best to support and guide you through the myriad of tasks and decisions that you will make.  As you will see from our sister website, Tipi Wills & Mediation, we are a great believer in making life as smooth and stress free as possible by organising and planning.  Our planning is always about living your best life now.

All invoicing and payments to and from the client, CarePA and DCCA will be through our accountancy business service.  This is for the safety and care of all parties and to provide a timely and efficient service.  

Please call or email and discuss your needs with us.  We endeavour to tailor our CarePA service to your needs.  It is subject to the availability of Carers on the Register.  Once registered with us, we will begin the work of  tailoring a CarePA for you.  Our planning services through Tipi Wills & Mediation work hand in hand supporting you through sometimes difficult and stressful decisions.

      DCCA using Advocates for Financial Administration

We are currently exploring ways to provide support to a client for managing their bills and financial affairs.  Whilst an aging person may not lose capacity, some can find modern life confusing and complicated and too easily trust the wrong people especially if they are on their own and lonely.  In addition the online trend is fraught with difficulties.  We think this role would be rather like a "home bookeeper" that would be regulated and accountable, so watch this space.  How wonderful would it be for there to be a safe service like this we could all call on. As far as has been researched, this has not been done before in this way to take into account the particular vulnerabilities of the aging and so it very much orginates here with DCCA. There is substantial potential for this role.  However, work is under way to see what the safest starting point for the client is to offer such a service.  We think it might be a mixture of working from their own office on their own PC and coming to your home with a mobile internet device, to also provide online services should you need.  This must be a person who has no direct access or control of the finances and yet provides management of usual expenditure with you or your attorney.  This person can also watch out for any unusual expenses thereby helping to protect the client from scammers. This person must be a secure and safe option for the client.  This is all designed to aid further continued independent living.  We aim to allow as much control and independence for as long as possible but safely with support.

If you would be interested in any aspect of such a service, we would be delighted if you would drop us an email and let us know.

Note:  It is sometimes unwise to to give a Financial Power of Attorney to any one sole person, be it a friend, a child or a family member.  It is a common cause of abuse and legal fights.  If you wish to do this, you may consider a joint LPA with another trusted source.  Please see Tipi Wills & Mediation to contact us for more advice on this

The current position with vaccinations and illness

This is the link to the website on the position for care workers providing care after previous guidance was withdrawn in 2022 in relation to Covid, which is still a new phenomena we are  learning to deal with

The choice to have any vaccination is a personal one.  Illness and care workers is a sensitive subject.  Often care workers dont get paid if they decide they should not come to work with an illness.


If there is a risk the CarePA may have high risk infections such as Novo virus, flu, covid or other diseases, plus ones you are not vaccinated against, everyone is asked to exercise great care and try not to put each other at risk.  CCPAs for example, can often be vulnerable themselves.  The agreement between the client and CarePA in this respect will be recorded in their contract.  For example, the client may not mind visits under certain circumstances, or be particularly sensitive to certain illness, or request that where possible, phone calls take place instead (if there is novo virus there will be little chance of making 'phone calls until after the illness has passed but you get the idea), or that extra time be given at another time.  

Carers who are ill do have some rights legally such as to no discrimination and that there are limited specific prohibitions, but, there may come a day again where transmitting a particular disease you knowingly carry, is once again tested legally and you would likely prefer that it is not against you.  There are conditions for prosecuting a person, whoever they are, for reckless or intentional transmission of particular diseases.  There is much case law surrounding this that arose at the time of HIV concerns.  Insurers will also have their own views.  We believe it is best to err on the side of caution and safety and use good sense.  No party should feel pressured and each can reach their own agreement as to how they would like their contract to operate should illness ocurr. 

Please feel free to contact DCCA if you need help sorting, or whether you would like to see if there is someone temporarily available to replace your CarePA or CCPA's visit who may be absent due to illness.  We do not place CarePAs as a temporary agency or employment agency, but there may be other CarePAs on our books with spare time prepared to fill in in certain circumstances.

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