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Our Client Care

The three sister companies of Badrse Security Services, Tipi Wills & Mediation and Daisy Chain Care Agency, have designed a service to provide a single comprehensive client care package. 


There is a woeful lack of joined up support in the market if you need help and guidance with planning for people and property, but do not want to engage in lengthy discussions with a selection of people and then try and put the options and plans together.  Much of it is left to internet googling and charities to fill the gap.  Client needs are unique and wide ranging.  One client may need help to make life a little more comfortable and fun, whilst another client may be looking at managing the potential of end of life care.  Both types of client need the peace of mind that life has been organised and preparations made to the best of their ability.


Through Wills, guardianship, tax planning, Lasting Power of Attornies and Living Wills, illness and care, there are a number of big subjects that are often just too much to deal with.  We can help you, take it all a step at a time, offering support and solutions along the way.

We believe adding the Bobby Patrol Service into this mix, provides an added layer of care and support into the community.  The factual recording of visits, conversations, concerns, all serve to support, reassure and hopefully pre-empt incidents.

The later portion of our lives often requires a level of planning and consideration that can at times be overwhelming or stressful.  You will see Tipi Wills & Mediation have developed a selection of planning modules and services that support you in planning your best life.  Young families through to multigenerational families need to organise care for their families if something happens to them, older or younger.  They need to consider how to organise care for themselves or their parents in the event difficult decisions have to made, and to consider what health decisions they would like made for them in the event they cannot.

Sometimes, decisions can be so difficult, families fracture and agreements cannot be reached.  That's where the safe, informal space of mediation can come in. 

Care and Life Planning can be difficult and stressful.  Having the security of knowing that someone has the skills to consider the whole picture and see what your needs are and may become, and can help you put in place the legal and practical solutions, is what we aim to achieve.

If you think our experience and expertise may be able to help, please call and/or email to discuss and we will be happy to come back to you as soon as we are able.

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