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Client Community Lounge

We have developed a safe private space called our Community Lounge for company, chatting and sharing.  Here there is always someone to talk to.  Just share how you are feeling today, or a special interest or just find someone to have a laugh with.

Daisy Chain Care Agency has created a free private community service for its clients that is safe, away from all the crime and scams prevalent on the internet.  Only existing clients and one close family member will be permitted to have a free login.   You can create private chats with individual members, group chats on specific subjects or more general open chats, the choice is yours.  DCCA will also sometimes create chats with things that may be of interest.

We are considering a modest subscription service (because costs would need to be covered) to enable those who are not clients (but at the client's request), who may be friends or wider family that would also enjoy being able to join the safe and private community of Daisy Chain Care Agency.  Tell us what you think.

We are always open to thoughts and ideas to make this a better place for our clients and their friends.

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