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Client needs can vary a great deal.  Family support may include parents, children, animals and pets, household management and maintenance, or hosting events.

You may need domestic type services that includes housekeeping, meal planning and cooking, shopping, driving minors to school and seniors to appointments.  There may be post surgical events, special needs or long term care needed for a member of the family.

You may wish for live in care.  Many carers and support workers have a wide range of highly desireable skills and experience and are dedicated to their work and roles.  Experienced trained carers, ex nurses, social workers of elder care or special needs are just some of those that are available at the moment.  There are other more diverse individuals such as a veterinary nurse offering pet care and a man who has finished one 15 year role, offering house and land maintenance, driver, support for children and animals and the family too.  Domestic roles offering support for house management, food planning and cooking and companionship are also on offer along with a mixture of services from couples. They will be attracted by the provision of comfortable living arrangements and attractive remuneration packages, which encourage them to relocate from other parts of the country for secure contracts in return for giving you the services and loyalty you need.  As we all know, Isle of Wight, Hampshire and West Sussex are lovely places to live and add to the attraction. 

There are a wide range of individuals, female, male and couples, that offer support and care services for your family, household and property.  Whatever your requirements, please do discuss with us and we will set about the task of finding what you need.  After all, solutions is our speciality.

If you do not wish for, or are unable to have, live in arrangements this need not prevent you from getting the help you desire.  If you are happy for a local commute (or wish to divide the role with more than one person such as day and night cover, morning, afternoon and so on, and/or to include a CompanionCarePA) this opens up the additional option to seek tailor made carers and support local to you.  There are a wide range of options.  We will endeavour to find the support workers and carers you need in the area of the Isle of Wight, Hampshire & West Sussex that can provide part time or full time services for the term of your contract.  If you are not from these areas but wonder if we may have someone that suit your needs, then please do contact us.  After all, we may have someone who is ready to go and work in other parts of the country.  All are DBS checked, vetted and interviewed by me and assessed our Care Manager before being introduced to you.  Any insurances you require will be organised between you and your care worker.

Terms of contract can range from 6 months to a year.  Often happy workers may stay many years.  We have one live in worker whose position has ended after 15 years and he is seeking a new position to go to.

We work to accommodate your needs.  Please do call us and we will be happy to discuss on the phone, or video chat or come along to meet you if you require.

Service and client care matter a great deal to us.  We focus on solutions not obstacles.

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