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The CompanionCarePA


For the person who has the role of a CompanionCarePA, it can be a part time role, a full time role, live-in or live out.  It may be a full time job made up of a number of part time clients or a single weekly visit. 


This role is flexible and can be made to suit both the CCPA and the client.  

The role is open to most people able to transport themselves to a client, with a caring, kind and supportive disposition and/or with history and experience of caring roles..  This is a role that can be taken by anyone, of any age and ability. 


Would you consider committing to one or two hours per week for 6 or 12 months to an elderly or person in need?  You may be a professional working person; a student; suffering ill health and feeling alone yourself or retired. Friendship and companionship have no boundaries or limitations so there are very few requirements.


A CompanionCarePA may have as little, or as many, hours and clients in a week or month as they wish thereby turning this into a full time role with multiple contracts if they wish.    

If part time, and you currently receive an allowance, you may be able to earn up to a certain amount per month without affecting it, thereby allowing you to become a CompanionCarePA if you control your hours.  Information is on the .gov website.

It is important you ensure you have all the facts that suit your situation.

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CompanionCarePA Role

Would you like a full time or part time  CompanionCarePA?

Discuss this with us.   You may like one or two weekly visits simply chatting over a cup of tea, reading together, a puzzle or game or helping you with a hobby.  You may like to organise an appt or trip to a cafe during the visit, or help with a weekly shop and meal planning.  If your requirements are bit more complex, maybe we could seek a Certified or experienced carer.  If it is help with mobility such as getting into a car or out of the chair to the bathroom, maybe a CCPA can undertake the care for mobility certification for you.  We like to find solutions. 

CCPA's can be from a wide variety of backgrounds and physical abilities themselves, so we will seek to match one to your needs.  So, if you are considering a CarePA, CCPA or even a blend of the two services, discuss with us and we will seek to put a solution in place.

When planning to help someone you care about, do remember it takes time for trust and a friendship to develop.  A person may be resistant to help or take time to accept that help.  Patience, kindness and understanding are important and most experienced carers know this.

Registration and Checks

All CompanionCarePA's are vetted by DCCA and will provide a DBS check.  (There is such a backlog its a good idea to get on and apply if you are considering the role).  They may or may not have care certificates.  There will be two references provided.


Every applicant will be interviewed and assessed by DCCA before going on the Register.  The initial criteria is the ability to be sensitive, sociable, caring and friendly for one to two hours and they must be able to commit to a contract with the client.  We only want to place people who are dedicated and care about the role they work in.  There is no aspect of support and care that is trivial.  

Training, Welfare & Safety

ACCPA may be able to do a course if there is a specific need with the placement such as Moving and Handling if needed.

If you have concerns about the welfare of an older person, this can be reported to a number of agencies such as Age UK or Adult Social Services.  To help you assess the situation, there are a number of resources on the Client Resources Page

Every client who registers with us looking for a CompanionCarePA will be invited to register with the AgeUK Befriending Service and DCCA can help you do this.  This means there is an added, independent friendship contact and an extra person to tell everything to.  This will help keep you safe and be another source for support or signposting.

Follow Up

Once a placement has been made and you have hired your CCPA there will be ad hoc follow up calls from the agency to both you the client, and the CCPA, with a note made of the calls and kept on your file.  This is to encourage good practice and safety.  Once we get to a certain age we become more vulnerable and we deserve to be protected.  Although our responsibility as an agency ends with the introduction and hiring of a CCPA, we care about our potentially vulnerable clients and we hope this service is useful. 

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