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Meetings & Interviews

There is a process that Daisy Chain Care Agency likes to follow. 


It is appreciated that, where possible, most people like to save time and costs.  We are able to use the 'phone and zoom to conduct most meetings.  However, there are certain meetings that need to be conducted in person.  

An interview assessing the CarePA will take place on zoom and if possible geographically, in person.  Once this initial interview is passed, the CarePA will be added to the register.   An orientiation session is given by DCCA to the CarePA before placement with a client.

If you wish to proceed with a CarePA and to be registered as a client, we will visit you if possible, and assess your requirements.

Once a CarePA has been matched to the client, we will organise for the CarePA to come to an interview with you.

Following a successful interview, completion of the process of assessing the match between the client and the CarePA will take place.  This may mean the skills will have been assessed and any training recommendations made or simply help or leave you with the process of drawing up the contract between you the client and the CarePA. 

An orientation will take place at the home where the CarePA is being placed and this may be on the first day.  We work to ensure DCCA, the client and the CarePA are happy with the agreement.  

DCCA will monitor the progress for the first month.  If it is full time or daily care, the client will receive a call every day for the first seven days.

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