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DCCA Social Support Service

For the Client   This service aims to provide both practical and social support.  Its availability will be entirely dependant upon demand from you.  It is being considered, that once a month, a social gathering will be organised.  This may be a cafe, a lovely garden centre for lunch, a farm shop for shopping or tea and cake next to the river, cafe by the seaside, tea in Queen Victoria's house or cake with the monks in their gorgeous cafe.  You may need your CarePA or CompanionCarePA to bring you. 

We will organise the venue and hope it is an enjoyable and safe trip out. 


The Isle of Wight has so much to choose from, you are free to make suggestions for your trip out.  If this becomes popular and oversubscribed, then we will of course consider doing this more frequently.  Our time and organisation will be courtesy of DCCA.  We hope it proves popular

We hope this provides another way to enable clients of Daisy Chain Care Agency to be living their best lives. 

For the CarePA    It is important that a CarePA feels supported in their sometimes difficult role and we hope that clients look after and acknowledge the service a CarePA gives.  Much of this work can be done alone.  DCCA would encourage all CarePAs and CCPAs to join the social event, unwind, relax and enjoy the support from each other.  It is a very good way to destress.  We aim to run this monthly at various venues. You can meet and share the work you are doing.  It is a simple thing, but we do encourage using the support this can provide.

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