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Each client has unique requirements from their CarePA.  Therefore, we provide a tailor made service.  Our CarePA's can tailor their skills to match your individual needs.  An extensive description of the services and skills each CarePA has, is registered with us.  Our experienced Care Manager will look at this and see if there are any training courses that are needed to match the CarePA with you and this will be organised by DCCA.

Discussions on the duties and placement will then take place.  The contract will be drawn up between the client and the CarePA.  You will agree your remuneration package in return for the number of hours you require per week for the year.  Daisy Chain Care Agency will apply a flat fee of 17% with no hidden extra costs.  If the needs of the client change and DCCA has a training package to cater for that, that training will be provided free of charge.


An outline contract template can be provided. 


We will support each step of the way to aid you in hiring your CarePA. 


We do not leave it there, our agency provides a Continuing Follow-up Service.  We will call you and the CarePA every week for three months.  The follow up service will be for everyone.  The Care Manager will diairise her follow up calls to include calling you at the end of the contract to see if you wish to renew or hire other services, for example where your needs have changed.

Additionally, at the commencement of each contract, DCCA may suggest an informal Preparation Session which will be adapted to your needs and requirements at this point in you and your family's lives.  The Preparation Session was formulated because it will be especially important where and when end of life care is being considered.  There are a number of things our experience says clients were not prepared for, so we would like to prepare you which are both practical and sometimes emotional.  It is good if someone can be a strong and practical hand and guide you through some difficult times, which we hope to provide.

If you are interested in finding out more and discussing your needs, please drop us an email with more information and with your contact details giving the best time to call you.  This includes whether you are simply at the stage of planning for forseeable circumstances arising in the future. Many of us like to plan and organise ahead. 

Dont forget, we may also be able to provide support and guidance in your planning through our sister company Tipi Wills & Mediation. 

There are five core planning services, as well as other services which may help support you in a number of ways :

1  Wholelife Estate Planning to ensure an up to date and effective Will

2  Multigenerational Living (includes blended families)

3  Life Care Planning

4  Serious and Terminal Illness Planning

5  Right to Stay and Die at Home Planning

plus the Unhappy Beneficiary Service;

pet protection, funeral instructions along with

Lasting Powers of Attorney for both health and finances, Living Will and of course Mediation services.

In our dealings with social adult care, community nurses, doctors and hospitals for example, it has been found that provisions for Healthcare Planning are coomonly not in place or inadequate.  Please therefore think seriously about creating your Advance Care Plan to centralise and legalise all healthcare wishes and documents ahead of when it is needed.  Often, when it is called for, it is almost too late and an enormous number of issues can ensue.

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